Banggood Surveillance Wifi IP Caméra Remote Intercom 1080P Webcam Built-in Microphone Infrared Night Vision Wifi Surveillance Cam

Fonctionnalité:1. Caméra Wi-Fi : The Surveillance IP Caméra supports wifi connection and is more widely used. At the same time, TF card storage can record even without internet.2. 1080P HD intérieur de votre maison et vous permet de sortir sans souci. Vision nocturne infrarouge améliorée de 10 m, également claire la nuit.3. Two Way Voice Real-time Intercom: Indoor wireless camera for home security build-in microphone,providing more stable two way voice function which allows you talk with your pet and family.4. Installation facile: This Wi-Fi IP Caméra is easy installation. It can be mounted/placed in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, office and other indoor places.Spécification:Model : IPC1Name: Wi-Fi IP CaméraCPU: XR872ATNombre de cœurs : cœur uniqueMemory: 416KB SRAM + 4M PSRAMFlash: 4MBTF card: maximum support 128GBOperating System: Free RTOSSimultaneous access users: 4Entrée : microphone intégréMain frequency: 384MHzPower consumption: 300mAh (infrared); 150mAh (infrared)Infrared irradiation distance: 3-5 metersWorking temperature and humidity: -10℃~50℃, humidity less than 95% (non-condensing)CaméraSensor chip: GC0308Focal length: 2 metersAngle: Angle 50Day and night switching mode: day and night switchingDigital Noise Reduction: 2D Digital Noise ReductionCompression Standard:Video compression standard: MJPEGVideo compression code stream: code stream 640*480P 12 framesAudio compression standard: G711UAudio Transmission: RecordingInterfaceStorage interface: Micro SD card (

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